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Our law firm engaged Parkway Business Solutions to provide bookkeeping and accounting services and we have found their services to be exceptional. Mike Snelson is always available to answer questions and provide excellent guidance. Parkway handled the transition from our traditional desktop QuickBooks program to the QuickBooks Cloud and it was seamless. As a result, we have saved substantial time handling month end invoicing and we have absolute confidence that the information generated in our reports and statements is 100% accurate. I would highly recommend Parkway Business Solutions to anyone needing bookkeeping and accounting related services.
"Ever since I hired Parkway for my bookkeeping services, my CPA has been happier,and my cash flow has become much easier to manage."
“Parkway amazingly took charge and reorganized my entire business… clearing up many years of errors. I no longer worry about my daily, weekly, and monthly reports because the Parkway Team does them for me.” 
Professor Nick Browne UCLA
Michael Snelson is A+ ! Detailed, attentive, courteous, meticulous, efficient, affordable. The man has a passion for his work. Michael managed to make a complex accounting not only tolerable, but in a strange way, on the strength of his comprehensive grasp of the issues and his clear and elegant solutions, almost pleasurable. That is saying a lot! Of course I would be pleased to retain him again, for issues big or small. The man and his work are extraordinary!
Nestor Diaz River Delta Brands
"Awesome dudes!" "The interesting things about this business is that it isn't just an accounting service, they try to cater to your financial needs..." "...They put an emphasis on doing things not the old fashioned way but trying to use updated tools like software to keep things online."

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1099 Vendor Service

Sub Contractor Tracking: Recent changes in laws require all business owners to obtain copies of workers comp certificates for their subcontractors.  Without these, you could be responsible for pay against every dollar you paid them.

Fortunately Parkway helps track your Subcontractors by linking copies of their certificate to their profile and storing a copy in your electronic filing cabinet.

Year End 1099 Vendor Service Reporting: Throughout the year, Parkway will tracks your spending with each 1099 vendor making year end reporting a breeze.  After reviewing your certifications, we provide you a list of Vendors that you spent over the threshold, and you tell us which ones to produce reporting for.  Parkway will handle all the reporting and filing so you wont have to.

Subcontractor Spending Review: Have your contractor expense continued to increase even though your sales have not?  Its probably due to subcontractor fatigue. Just like employees, overtime your contractors may loose that extra spark in their step, and you could be paying more for less work. With our custom Subcontractor reports, you can evaluate your spending trends to see which people you do the most business with.

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