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Mike Snelson of Parkway Business Solutions
I’m dedicated to constant improvement and innovation in the field of small business accounting. Recognizing the current economic climate, I believe it is mine and everyone’s opportunity to apply ourselves with the greatest excitement and confidence to overcome the apparent immediate obstacles in our way, in doing so we will all gain much needed insight into the tools, methods, and heart necessary to propel us into the truly amazing future that lies ahead of us.


Matthew Fulton of Parkway Business Solutions

Matthew Fulton is Co-Founder and CTO of Parkway Business Solutions where he uses his passion for technology to create time-saving tools for accountants, and bookkeeping solutions to fit the needs of the modern small business owner. His current project is Vendorsync, a bank feed application for QuickBooks Desktop that can cut data entry for accountants by up to 50%.

Matthew also coaches small businesses and works with them to integrating technology into their workflow to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the customer experience.

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Jessica Bruno
20:04 27 Nov 17
Parkway Business definitely deserves 5 stars!! Excellent company to work with. Very, very knowledgeable regarding accounting and very willing to help with anything. Definitely recommend for any accounting or business needs! Thank you, Matthew for everything you have done to help me!!
Maurice Berdugo
22:43 07 Aug 17
Parkway is a diamond in the sand! I have known the guys at Parkway for a few years and I have not ever met a company so committed to your success. In my years I have seen personally how Parkway has taken the time to understand your business and come up with a real life, practical and on going solution. What makes Parkway unique is that they mix technology with business practices. They understanding accounting, business concepts and technology- a team all wrapped up in one. Yes I give 2 Thumbs Up for Parkway. You want Parkway on your team!!!
Antoinette Altman
20:27 27 Aug 16
First of all, I can't tell you how valuable Parkway has been to our business. We were trying to decide between a few different software options for project management and accounting for our business. With very intricate needs and particulars, the guys at Parkway took the reins, researched everything, and saved me thousands of dollars not to mention tons of agony! They have truthfully been the best bookkeepers, accountants, business partners, and team players that I have ever worked with. They go above and beyond in all aspects of business, far beyond their trade and what is required of them, in order to get you:: the client :: the BEST possible result and outcome for all situations. Whether it be accounting, software, phone systems, they are on it, save me time, money, frustration, you name it. So excited to have them on my side! Thank you so much Matt and Mike, we love you guys! No seriously, we do!!
Gerard Dougherty
19:51 02 Jul 16
Our law firm engaged Parkway Business Solutions to provide bookkeeping and accounting services and we have found their services to be exceptional. Mike Snelson is always available to answer questions and provide excellent guidance. Parkway handled the transition from our traditional desktop QuickBooks program to the QuickBooks Cloud and it was seamless. As a result, we have saved substantial time handling month end invoicing and we have absolute confidence that the information generated in our reports and statements is 100% accurate. I would highly recommend Parkway Business Solutions to anyone needing bookkeeping and accounting related services.
Debbie Lemar
04:45 16 Oct 15
Anytime I have any form of accounting question, Michael and Matthew are eager to help me. Parkway Solutions the "Go To" guys of accounting!!!
Marcelo Santoy
07:18 19 Apr 18
Park way inc is one of the best companies i have ever work with. There work ethic is impressive and they will go out of there scope to help you achieve your business goal. there not only you bookkeeping company there are your strategic partner. I'm impressed by their professionalism and hard work. Matthew thank you for everything you've done for us.
Mike Block
08:11 16 Jun 18
Parkway Business has the best QuickBooks Online rule explanation I have seen, and I have long been a rule creation specialist.
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Ken P.
2017-10-08 17:37:23
I have know Mike Snelson for a VERY long time. Mater of fact I used his mother when I first started my plumbing business back in 1984. She was great...
Rick S.
2017-04-02 11:49:58
These guys I discovered on the internet. I must say I recommend them to everyone. I have an electrical contracting business Affordable Electricians, Inc...
Nestor D.
2016-04-29 11:09:25
Awesome dudes! The interesting things about this business is that it isn't just an accounting service, they try to cater to your financial needs. I...

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