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Mike Snelson of Parkway Business Solutions
I’m dedicated to constant improvement and innovation in the field of small business accounting. Recognizing the current economic climate, I believe it is mine and everyone’s opportunity to apply ourselves with the greatest excitement and confidence to overcome the apparent immediate obstacles in our way, in doing so we will all gain much needed insight into the tools, methods, and heart necessary to propel us into the truly amazing future that lies ahead of us.


Matthew Fulton of Parkway Business Solutions

Matthew Fulton is Co-Founder and CTO of Parkway Business Solutions where he uses his passion for technology to create time-saving tools for accountants, and bookkeeping solutions to fit the needs of the modern small business owner. His current project is Vendorsync, a bank feed application for QuickBooks Desktop that can cut data entry for accountants by up to 50%.

Matthew also coaches small businesses and works with them to integrating technology into their workflow to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the customer experience.

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