Recent studies have shown the cost to hire and train a new employee is equivalent to six to nine months of salary, and that does not take into consideration any error made during that same time.  Few positions can drastically affect a company’s financial safety more than hiring an inexperienced bookkeeper as an employee.  We have all heard the horror stories about the errors found months too late, or even worse, discovering money missing.  That is where Parkway Business Solutions can be your best asset.  As a fully bonded and insured accounting solution provider, our team specializes in bookkeeping and payroll services for medium to small business owners.  , our team offers weekly or monthly accounting updates to ensure you always know what is happening with your business. Parkway’s service plans not only work for small companies without a bookkeeper, they offer businesses with staff peace of mind with additional oversight and higher level financial intelligence and consultation

Cost of a Bookkeeper on Payroll:

Considering the current job market, bookkeepers in Ventura County earn between $20 and $25 per hour. When calculated as an annual salary, the bookkeepers pretax wages could cost your company $52,000 and you still have to train the person how to do your accounting! If you consider the training expense to be equal to six months salary, your first year out of pocket expense is more than $70,000!

Accounting Solutions Provided by Parkway:

Recognizing there was a communication gap between business owners and their tax p, Parkway Business Solutions was created to assist small businesses succeed. By utilizing over 25 years of experience, our unparalleled service was created from a extensive workflow process unique to Parkway. Leveraging technology we improved outdated bookkeeping methods and generated valuable business intelligence that is reported in an easy to understand format. Finally, by tailoring the level of communication to our clients desires, we are able to offer accounting solutions for any budget. With plans starting as low as $89.95 per month, your total cost for the year would be less then one week pay for your bookkeeper. Check out our service plans and see what level is best for you!

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