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Our law firm engaged Parkway Business Solutions to provide bookkeeping and accounting services and we have found their services to be exceptional. Mike Snelson is always available to answer questions and provide excellent guidance. Parkway handled the transition from our traditional desktop QuickBooks program to the QuickBooks Cloud and it was seamless. As a result, we have saved substantial time handling month end invoicing and we have absolute confidence that the information generated in our reports and statements is 100% accurate. I would highly recommend Parkway Business Solutions to anyone needing bookkeeping and accounting related services.
"Ever since I hired Parkway for my bookkeeping services, my CPA has been happier,and my cash flow has become much easier to manage."
“Parkway amazingly took charge and reorganized my entire business… clearing up many years of errors. I no longer worry about my daily, weekly, and monthly reports because the Parkway Team does them for me.” 
Professor Nick Browne UCLA
Michael Snelson is A+ ! Detailed, attentive, courteous, meticulous, efficient, affordable. The man has a passion for his work. Michael managed to make a complex accounting not only tolerable, but in a strange way, on the strength of his comprehensive grasp of the issues and his clear and elegant solutions, almost pleasurable. That is saying a lot! Of course I would be pleased to retain him again, for issues big or small. The man and his work are extraordinary!
Nestor Diaz River Delta Brands
"Awesome dudes!" "The interesting things about this business is that it isn't just an accounting service, they try to cater to your financial needs..." "...They put an emphasis on doing things not the old fashioned way but trying to use updated tools like software to keep things online."

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PARKWAYS SOFTWARE OF CHOICE: Cloud Accounting starts and ends with QuickBooks Online. For avid QuickBooks Desktop users, the new web interface may take a little time to learn, but once you dive in, you realize how much easier and faster you complete your work.

DESIGNED FOR THE SMALL BUSINESS OWNER: QuickBooks Online comes packed with new features such as turning Estimates into Purchase Order as well as Estimates into Invoices.  Daily bank connections, help keep your books up to date without the need to download files from the bank.

MULTIPLE USERS WORKING AT THE SAME TIME: With QuickBooks Online, waiting for the company file is a thing of the past.  The new web based multi user environment, allows up to 5 people to use the account under the same license.  Need more than 5 people? Let Parkway help setup the best user access structure to make sure people only see what they are suppose to see.

DOWNLOAD THE DESKTOP APP: Are you still attached to your desktop version of QuickBooks, visit our Partner site and download the QuickBooks Online Desktop App for free.


FreshBooks CertifiedCREATE PROFESSIONAL LOOKING INVOICES: With FreshBooks, create professional-looking invoices complete with your own logo. When you’re ready, simply print off your invoice or email it to your client in a snap.

  • Accept Credit Cards on Your Invoices
  • Know When Your Invoice is Viewed
  • Keep tabs on your invoices from wherever

TRACK BILLABLE TIME: Confidently focus on what matters most. With Time Tracking in FreshBooks you’ll be able to track how you spend your day and will know exactly how many hours to charge your clients.

  • Easily log work you’ve already done
  • Track what you’re working on in real time
  • Clearly see how you’ve spent your day


Xero Accounting SoftwareTHE ANSWERS YOU NEED: Xero has over 40 basic and advanced financial reports: profit and loss, balance sheet, management reports, sales tax return, depreciation schedule, foreign currency gains and losses. All prepared with a single click or completely configurable.

PAYROLL PROCESSING BUILT IN: Say goodbye to manual data entry and calculation mistakes.  Parkway can pay your employees, manage your federal and state payroll taxes with a completely paperless system.

CUSTOM LAYOUTS: Take control of your data and how it’s presented. Insert columns for any date range, compare against budget or compare any column using formulas you control. Then change the order of your report columns to suit your needs.


WE TEST THEM SO YOU WONT HAVE TO: It seems like everywhere you turn now there is a new APP for something, so how can you possibly know which app is the best for your business? Simple Give Parkway a call!  We have sampled hundreds of apps testing their integration capabilities across different platforms. Click here to check out some of our favorites and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more instructional videos.

USER EXPERIENCE CONSULTING: Looking for someone to put your application to the test? Parkway works with developers providing Quality Assurance Testing and User Experience Feedback.  Let our Geek Squad find your bugs before your subscribers do!


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