What accounting systems does Parkway use?

We support online accounting platforms that are cloud-enabled and tested by our team of experts. We feel that QuickBooks Online represents the best opportunity for us to customize an accounting package to your needs. However we are certified an additional accounting platforms including Xero, Wave and FreshBooks and keep an open mind to new platforms to best support our clients.

Do I have to pay for the software licenses that Parkway uses to manage our books?

Parkway covers all license fees for online accounting software that we implement to run your accounting process. All of our specialty services has been matched with the best applications on the market and are included within your monthly Parkway subscription pricing.

How do I know my information will be secure?

We utilize third-party enterprise-level password vault security for all client logins and passwords. During on-boarding we’ll store these logins in your small business accounting system so our team never needs to have access to your account credentials.

What is the “onboarding fee”?

The onboarding fee is a one-time setup fee that helps us offset the costs of your Account Manager reviewing your current accounting records and building your financial calendar. We throw a lot of extra love and attention at you during the beginning of your engagement that helps ease transitions and establishes a relationship with you that makes working with our team as seamless as possible in the future.

When do you hire an accounting partner vs. hiring an employee?

We founded Parkway to help with this dilemma. We have designed an accounting program that is built to scale and grow with your company.

Can Parkway help clean up my books from past months, maybe even years?

Parkway’s Historical Bookkeeping Cleanup allows for us to continually work to tidy up your books.

Does it matter where my company is located?

We can serve you wherever you are located.

Do I have to give you access to my bank account?

We prefer not to share your private login and password information. Instead we request that you give our team Read-Only access to your accounts and whenever possible that you setup individual credentials instead of sharing your own. To improve upon this process, we have partnered up with Ledgersync, to provide an additional layer of security and convenience.