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We are excited to start working together but before we can, we need your help setting up a couple items to provide us access to important information.

As a part of your services with Parkway, we have created complimentary accounts for you with SmartVault and Ledgersync. Ledgersync helps provide us read only access to your bank statements and check images, and SmartVault is your new Secure Document Management System to provide us access to your monthly statements and other private communications.  Each of the images below, link you to a video tutorial  that will help walk you through the setup process

Connecting Ledgersync for the First Time

Adding Your Accountant to QuickBooks Online VideoHow to Setup SmartVault for the First Time Video

Connect Your Accounts in Ledgersync

Ledgersync helps Parkway connect to your financial institutions without your private username and password.  The revolutionary accounting application will help use keep your account up to date with cleared check images and month end bank statements.  

Parkway takes the security of your information very seriously. To ensure that your information remains protected, we have provided you with a complementary electronic filing cabinet by SmartVault.  This fantastic application is protected by bank level security features that provide you 24/7 access to your information whenever you need it.

You may have also received another email invitation for SmartVault, our Online Document Vault. We have also created a tutorial showing you how to accept your SmartVault Invitation and setup access on your computer.   In this video, Mike will demonstrate how to accept your SmartVault Invitation and setup access on your computer

If you already have a QuickBooks account we need you to provide us access to your QuickBooks Online company file.  Just in case you are not familiar with the process we created a short tutorial to walk you through the process.

 Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for additional tutorials for Parkway’s services .If you need additional assistance setting up access or just have some questions, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (805) 419-9197.

Parkway’s YouTube Channel

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