Importing Data From Ledgersync Into QuickBooks Online

1. Select Account in Ledgersync and export OFX file

From within Ledgersync, Select the account you want to export and choose between the QBO or OFX file type. I prefer to use the OFX type.

2. Save FIle

    1. Depending on the web browser you are using, you will need to choose where to save the file or it will be saved to your downloads folder. Make a mental note of where it is to access it again later

3. Banking Center in QuickBooks Online

    1. From within the banking Center you can select the drop down arrow to access the file upload option
        • This is also available under the transactions window if you have never connected an account before.
        • Look for a hyperlink to manually import a bank statement.

4. Select your Import File

    1. Click Browse to search for file
    1. Select the File that was previously downloaded from Ledgersync
    1. Select Open
    1. Select "Next" button in bottom Right Corner

5. Select Account to Import Into

    1. The file is coded with account information to help you know which account to connect to
    1. From the drop down menu select the account you wish to import the transactions into.
    1. Select Next at Bottom Right Corner

6. Wait for Spinning Screen

Sometimes this step take awhile, it depends on the number of transactions and how QuickBooks Online feels like working that day

7. Done!

Transactions have been imported and you can start assigning rules to automate the process!! You can also check out our video on Youtube:  

8. Parkway Website | Google+ | Youtube

You can also check out our video on Youtube:


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