Manage Accounts Receivable with QuickBooks Online

One thing I have always found interesting about QuickBooks is their invoicing feature. Using desktop for many years I’d become familiar with much of what the software had to offer, then again intuit always manages to surprise and impress each year with their updated offerings. When I started providing bookkeeping many years ago; however, the first question that came to my mind when dealing with client QuickBooks information was, “What are accounts receivable doing in this cash basis accounting?” That question stuck for a long time, but now with the advent of QuickBooks Online, this question has turned into more of an opportunity, while yes, sometimes us accountant types have to do some fancy footwork to make cash basis books work with accrual basis concepts, and sometimes we scratch our head about what the balance sheet should look like in this environment, an extreme benefit has come from QuickBooks Online in the way of connection to other third party applications. The key thought is this, your accounting software has to balance (and should) in regards to your accounts receivable, but your third party app does not, what! I’m not saying an accountant shouldn’t have a hand in creation of systems using third party applications for invoicing, or that, the financial intelligence gleaned from these offerings shouldn’t be reviewed and audited. What I am saying is using software that has nothing to do with your QuickBooks, can give you the opportunity to create valuable information without the burden of balancing. From my perspective, if a cash basis business can collect process-altering data from an accounts receivable application they could not otherwise get from QuickBooks, then, by all means run accounts receivable in your cash basis accounting, and give me a call, I will be happy to make THOSE year-end adjustments.

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