How to Pay Employees through The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

If you are like many of the small business owners impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, you are probably trying to figure out how you can pay your people. On March 24th the Department of Labor published guidance on how the new Families First Coronavirus Response Act will work. During this video we will explain the 6 different reasons for paid sick leave including how much and how long to pay them.

Timestamp Hyperlinks:

  • Effective Date: 0:55
  • Start of Presentation: 1:38
  • What is it: 2:23
  • Employee Directly Affected: 2:49
  • Employee Caring for another: 3:00
  • Amount of Time off and Rate of Pay: 3:21
  • Possible Exemptions: 4:35
  • Qualifying Reasons for Leave: 5:30
  • Table of Qualifying Reasons: 5:58
  • Tax Credit for Employers: 7:58
  • State Specific vs Federal: 10:00
  • California 1 Week Waiting Period Waived: 11:23
  • Closing Comments: 12:45

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