Below you will find timestamp hyperlinks to the different sections of the video as well as links to the additional documents we discuss.

***SBA Disaster Relief Online Application***

  •  SBA Three Step Process Overview: 2:55
  •  Where to get started 4:37
  •  Type of organization: 6:15
  •  Page 1 of 3 of online application: 7:28
  • Page 2 of 3 of online application: 15:29
  • Looking up Your Corporate Statement of Information: 16:17
  • Third Party Form Completion: 24:00
  • Page 3 of 3 of online application 25:00
  • Disaster Loan Assistance Dashboard: 25:40

***Additional Supporting PDF Documents:***

  • Additional Supporting Documentation: 26:55
  • Credit Karma & Mint: 28:00
  • Separate Accounts Are Important: 29:00
  • SBA Form 413- Personal Financial Statement 29:45
  • SBA Form 2202 – Schedule of Liabilities 33:39
  • SBA Form P019 – U.S. SBA EIDL Supporting Information Sheet: 36:15
  • IRS Form 4506-T: Request for Transcript of Tax Return: 38:53
  • Privacy Agreements: 42:45
  • Final Comments: 43:50
  • Website : 45:15

SBA Three Step Disaster Loan Process

The following information was collected as of March 21st, 2020 and is meant to be a helpful resource and not an up to the minute document with any changes past the date of collection. For up to date details please visit,

Here is a link to the downloadable documents discussed in the video:

Required Documentation for Business:

Required Documentation for Homeowners and Renters:

Here is a link to the downloadable documents discussed in the video:

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