Happy Clients Start With Happy Employees

There are few relationships as important as the one with your payroll service provider, especially on payday! 

If your business has employees on payroll, and have ever experienced the effect caused by payday errors, you know it is not a pretty sight. Even the most docile employee can turn rabid when their paycheck is delayed or incorrect! To an employee, payday is a sacred day that arrives like clockwork and should never be delayed, no matter the reason.

Parkway understands that a happy client starts with happy employees. That is why direct deposit and electronic pay stubs are standard features included with all our payroll services. Our online time tracking allows employees to clock in and out electronically, reducing the amount of time you spend calculating payroll hours. By taking advantage of our workers compensation class tracking, you can rest comfortably knowing you will pass your annual audit with flying colors. Best of all, our online electronic filing cabinet provides you instant access to your payroll reporting while keeping your office free of clutter.

There are few relationships as important as the one with your payroll service provider, especially on payday!

Now, imagine its payday using Parkway Business Solutions. Your employees show up to work smiling after receiving an email notification that their money has already been deposited and a copy of their check stub is available online. Important payroll reporting has been organized and stored electronically.

With all the time you save not handing out paychecks, filing payroll reporting, or cleaning up the clutter payroll causes you can sit down at your clean desk and enjoy your cup of coffee. Your day just started, but already you know that this payday is going to be a good day thanks to payroll processing with Parkway Business Solutions.

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