2018 Top Tech Accounting Firm Awarded to Parkway Business Solutons

Parkway Business Solutions Recognized as Top Tech Accounting Firm in 2018

Ledgersync Competition Identifies Emerging Tech Accounting Firm using Innovative Technology

Los Angeles, CA Ledgersync.com, a cloud accounting technology firm, held its annual Top Tech Accounting Firm competition and selected Parkway Business Solutions to top their 5 Accounting firms as a leader in adapting technology with accounting processes.

Ledgersync reviewed emerging accounting firms that are transforming the accounting services industry and leveraging technology to provide new and highly adapted services to clients. This year, it looked at over 100 companies that are pioneering technology integration before selecting the Parkway Team led by Matthew Fulton (CTO) and Michael Snelson (CFO) to top their list of Rising Tech Firms for 2018

“What set Parkway Business Solutions apart isn’t just their cutting edge use of technology,” said Maurice Berdugo, CEO of Ledgersync “It was their unique ability to locate and eliminate the inefficiencies often bogging down the accounting process.  We have known Parkway Business Solutions for 3 years now, during which time they have played a fundamental role in the evolution of Ledgersync. Matthew’s quest to eliminate data entry led Parkway to be one of the first companies to fully automate and integrate Ledgersync with QuickBooks Online.”

Parkway Business Solutions was propelled to the top after receiving some of the highest scores in both client satisfaction and client to staff efficiency ratio. Additionally, the firm demonstrated their dedication to the accounting community by donating a significant amount of time sharing their knowledge with fellow accountants and small business owners alike.

“We really believe in giving to the community and using technology as a tool to give us more time with our clients to better understand and serve their needs,” said Matthew Fulton, CTO of Parkway Business Solutions “Accounting tomorrow is going to be about who understands & helps grow clients’ businesses beyond the numbers and we want to develop those relationships today. We’re proud to partners in initiatives like the Pharos Center for Innovation to help promote local entrepreneurship and share our experiences with our fellow business owners.”

Parkways willingness to share their experiences has led them to create various YouTube tutorials designed to help accountants enhance their own internal processes by implementing technology into their practices.  As a featured member of the Intuit Community, Matthew actively contributes answers to small business owner’s questions and has been featured as a guest blogger on multiple sites including Ledgersync and the Intuit Community.

More Information About Ledgersync’s Software

Ledgersync offers software for Accountants and Bookkeepers allowing them to automatically sync all their client’s financial transactions in one place. Additionally, we offer an enterprise level Bank Feed API making communication with your client’s bank effortless using advanced aggregation technology.

For more information and participation in the Top Tech Accounting Firm competition please contact Maurice Berdugo at (877) 415-3152  or [email protected] or visit www.ledgersync.com.

More Information About Parkway Business Solutions

Parkway Business Solutions is a provider of integrated accounting, business management, and growth services with multiple offices in Ventura County, CA. Parkway provides finance and administrative solutions for small and midsize businesses that help them use time and capital efficiently. They are also a Senior Partner at the Pharos Center for Innovation where they volunteer to mentor startups to ensure they have a financial foundation strong enough to support the aspirations of new business owners.

For more information about Parkway Business Solutions please contact Matthew Fulton at (805) 419-9197 or [email protected]or visit https://parkway.business.

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